“I attended 10 Hypnotherapy sessions with Emma. The sessions were life changing and I believe I am a glass half full sort of person. Emma fully explained the process at the beginning. As the sessions progressed, I noticed a marked change in all aspects of my life. I began to subconsciously react differently in every situation. I can only describe the change as seeing the world in 3D instead of 2D or in colour instead of black and white. I now feel at one with myself and the world. My state of mind is now more relaxed. This has improved my sleep patterns and boosted my energy levels and mood. I am now a disciple of Hypnotherapy and I tell all of my friends and family to book an appointment, as it is one of the best things that I have ever done. Emma is extremely knowledgeable in her field, very professional and confidential. Thank you Emma “

Duncan, Gloucestershire
May 2017

“Thank you for your solution focused hypnotherapy treatment. After approximately 10 weekly 1 hour appointments I, Steve feel like my mind/body has been mended through your professional guidance. Life for everyone on this planet is like a rollercoaster ride which will be filled with many ups and downs which will always be the case no matter what. Now I’ve learnt to understand much better how the brain and body work together, thanks to seeing you I feel I`m in a much better place now.   To all the people out there who are looking for some sort of guidance along the way no matter what the issue may be, I would very strongly advise

trying this form of treatment. It’s helping me on my rollercoaster ride, so for what reason can`t it help you. Happy days!”

Steve, Gloucestershire
June 2017

“I initially went to see Emma as I was feeling a little confused in my life.

I had lost my sense of direction, my purpose and more importantly, my happiness, and I had no idea how to tackle this problem and how to get myself back to feeling happy again.

The first session with Emma was probably the most painful part, as it meant in order to feel better I needed to address all the areas that were causing the pain.

From the first consultation Emma was amazing, as she made me feel so at ease. She explained how the hypnotherapy worked and how she would conduct the sessions.

She was so understanding, and supportive, and above all her empathy and passion made me totally trust her, and I immediately felt like I was going to benefit from this experience.

The best bit about this experience was that Emma gave me the time to explain exactly how I was feeling.

She encouraged me to feel totally relaxed and helped me express my true emotions. Emma made notes on our conversations, and used diagrams which helped me understand why I was feeling like I was, and how I was going to change my negative thoughts into positive ones.

Emma gave me these tools to change, and with her knowledge and caring support I now feel I have been able to reach my goal.

I would certainly recommend and encourage any of my friends or family who feel they need some help to see Emma, as this whole experience has been life changing.

I am extremely happy and positive in life, and am so grateful to Emma, as I honestly believe she has made me be the best I can be.

Thank you Emma”

September 2017