“I attended 10 Hypnotherapy sessions with Emma. The sessions were life changing and I believe I am a glass half full sort of person. Emma fully explained the process at the beginning. As the sessions progressed, I noticed a marked change in all aspects of my life. I began to subconsciously react differently in every situation. I can only describe the change as seeing the world in 3D instead of 2D or in colour instead of black and white. I now feel at one with myself and the world. My state of mind is now more relaxed. This has improved my sleep patterns and boosted my energy levels and mood. I am now a disciple of Hypnotherapy and I tell all of my friends and family to book an appointment, as it is one of the best things that I have ever done. Emma is extremely knowledgeable in her field, very professional and confidential. Thank you Emma “

Duncan, Gloucestershire
May 2017

“Thank you for your solution focused hypnotherapy treatment. After approximately 10 weekly 1 hour appointments I, Steve feel like my mind/body has been mended through your professional guidance. Life for everyone on this planet is like a rollercoaster ride which will be filled with many ups and downs which will always be the case no matter what. Now I’ve learnt to understand much better how the brain and body work together, thanks to seeing you I feel I`m in a much better place now.   To all the people out there who are looking for some sort of guidance along the way no matter what the issue may be, I would very strongly advise

trying this form of treatment. It’s helping me on my rollercoaster ride, so for what reason can`t it help you. Happy days!”

Steve, Gloucestershire
June 2017

“I initially went to see Emma as I was feeling a little confused in my life.

I had lost my sense of direction, my purpose and more importantly, my happiness, and I had no idea how to tackle this problem and how to get myself back to feeling happy again.

The first session with Emma was probably the most painful part, as it meant in order to feel better I needed to address all the areas that were causing the pain.

From the first consultation Emma was amazing, as she made me feel so at ease. She explained how the hypnotherapy worked and how she would conduct the sessions.

She was so understanding, and supportive, and above all her empathy and passion made me totally trust her, and I immediately felt like I was going to benefit from this experience.

The best bit about this experience was that Emma gave me the time to explain exactly how I was feeling.

She encouraged me to feel totally relaxed and helped me express my true emotions. Emma made notes on our conversations, and used diagrams which helped me understand why I was feeling like I was, and how I was going to change my negative thoughts into positive ones.

Emma gave me these tools to change, and with her knowledge and caring support I now feel I have been able to reach my goal.

I would certainly recommend and encourage any of my friends or family who feel they need some help to see Emma, as this whole experience has been life changing.

I am extremely happy and positive in life, and am so grateful to Emma, as I honestly believe she has made me be the best I can be.

Thank you Emma”

September 2017

Having attended several sessions now, I have found Emma to be a fantastic help with the issues I have presented. During my first session, Emma explained very clearly how the brain had generated thought patterns, and how this effects how we feel. This allowed me an insight into how each session helped and allowed me to work on myself.

Along with explaining these patterns, Emma explained how hypnotherapy works, and how it would be used in the process. This helped keep my mind at ease throughout, as she had explained that I would remain in complete control.

Over each session, we followed a set plan, which allowed me to expect how each would flow. There was always room to work on other issues that I wanted to, and I felt confident in knowing I could change direction if I felt like it would be best.

I would be very happy to advise this type of treatment from Emma to anyone.

August 2019

“Emma is amazing the most understanding person. She made me feel comfortable to tell her anything no matter how silly it seemed in my head. After having severe anxiety to the point I didn’t want to leave my house after a few sessions I was doing things I hadn’t done in years like going to the shop alone or even just putting petrol in my car which before was a unbearable task. With Emma’s sessions it made my life easier and enjoyable again would definitely recommend to anyone with mental health issues really helped me get my life back on track”

June 2020

I started seeing Emma about a year or so ago due to serious depression and anxiety. I found traditional counselling unhelpful and was interested in Emma’s solution focused hypnotherapy. I found the changes in the way I felt about life dramatically improved in even a short period of time. I am now able to cope with change with an open mind and even welcome it! For the first time in my life I feel excited by the future instead of terrified! Emma has such a professional and empathetic approach, she makes you feel so welcome and relaxed, she has truly changed my life for the better!”

June 2019

“I initially met with Emma to help with my stress and depression.  I had suffered on and off for more than 10 years with mental illness and had tried almost every therapy to help.  After hours of unsuccessful therapy where I tried to unpick past events, responses and behaviours, I decided to give hypnotherapy a go.

Emma immediately redirected my focus on the past to reflecting on myself in the present.  Hypnotherapy got me out of the primitive ‘fight or flight’ mode that I had been stuck in; the mode that was nurturing my depression and causing a variety of stress related illness.  Suddenly, I could rationalise events and feelings, I could sleep properly and function without pain.  I felt confident and happy, and was able to look after myself, mentally and physically, without guilt.

I continue to see Emma on a regular basis, not because the negative symptoms return, but to remind me to keep working on being kind to myself.  I would recommend this type of therapy, and particularly Emma as a practitioner, to anyone who was suffering from mental illness.  It has genuinely changed my life for the better and I am so happy that I gave it a go!”

June 2020

“I was struggling with a number of different life factors and had started to adopt some very unhealthy lifestyle practices which were having an adverse effect on my marriage and family. Having suffered in silence and struggled to get better on my own, I realised that there were more “downs” than “ups”. Things finally got too much. I was apprehensive, but I went to see Emma. Without judgement, Emma listened to me. She gave me advice and she helped me put everything into perspective. I still recall the support she gave me 18 months later. I probably will for the rest of my life. ”

June 2020

“I have an active mind and find it difficult to switch my brain off when I cannot resolve issues or problems, which result in me suffering from episodes of insomnia.

I knew very little about hypnotherapy and was very sceptical, and wondered if it could help me.

However, Emma, instantly made me feel at ease and totally relaxed.  I will never forget her simplistic explanation of how our brains work, my “stress bucket” was literally overflowing!!

I can now tackle my demons in a constructive and logical manor.  I still listen to Emma’s tape most nights and never get to the end as I’m in a deep sleep.  It definitely works for me!

I believe you shouldn’t knock something till you try it.  My sessions with Emma have proved invaluable and would recommend her without any hesitation”.


June 2020

“My reason for seeking help from Emma was because I suffer from anxiety. I had reached a point where I decided to try and tackle the root causes of the issue. The inherent nature of opening up like this to someone can at first be very daunting, however you will feel understood, unjudged, and comfortable in Emma’s presence.

Before proceeding with Emma, she offers a consultation with the client, which allows you to meet her and discuss any queries that you may have about the process and her involvement, giving you a better understanding of what to expect. Personally, I felt immediately at ease and was not concerned about going forth with the therapy sessions. Further to this, Emma will provide you with a guided meditation to listen to at home before you begin sessions to enable you to get used to her voice and feel comfortable with it. I would definitely recommend doing this.

Emma offers a great level of autonomy and allows you to focus the direction of the sessions on a weekly basis to suit your needs. Emma has a plethora of techniques that she uses during the sessions to help tackle different issues, feelings and emotions. Once you have become familiar with them, how they work, and what they do, Emma gives you the opportunity each session to decide what method you would like utilise. This may be decided on how much it helped you, how much you enjoyed the method or any other reason.

Each of my sessions finished with a guided meditation to help relax the mind and body after really exercising the brain. This was very beneficial as it would leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed, ready to continue with your day.

I could not recommend Emma enough to anybody looking to undergo therapy. I always left feeling positive, productive and genuinely happy. Emma genuinely cares about her clients’ and will always do what she can to help. She helped me a great a deal!”

June 2020
“Since working with Emma I feel like a different person. I am really enjoying life again and actually loving my work.
Before seeing Emma I had lost all confidence in myself – at work, at home and as a Mum. I felt useless and thought I was going to lose my job, my house, my family and I had no way out.
A friend recommended Emma to me and I was unsure. Hypnotism?? Was this really for me. I decided to give anything a go. I was also having counselling and medication!
On our very first consultation, Emma was so kind and reassuring and I immediately felt at ease. I was still sceptical as all I had in my mind was Paul Mckenna and stage shows.
I could not have bèen more wrong. The concept is similar, I suppose,  but Emma made me feel so comfortable she had me suggesting changes I could make that I didn’t even realise would be helpful. Then the day after I would do what we discussed and feel a sense of achievement and relief.
She made me feel like I could do things again, starting with small steps but gradually moving on to bigger, more daunting tasks and I can honestly say she has made a huge difference to my life.
I wanted to write this to let Emma and others know how much I appreciate all of her help and to encourage those who are sceptical like I was to give it a go.
I have not been paid or even asked to write this review. I messaged Emma to tell her how I was doing after a few weeks of going it alone and she thanked me for my email and reluctantly said she needed to be more confident in asking people for feedback. I jumped at the chance of giving something back to her for what she has done for me.
Nothing is that bad in life and with Emma by your side everything will be OK!
Thank you Emma – From the bottom of my heart!!!
Katy xx”
May 2021