Welcome to Emma Woodward Hypnotherapy

Is there something you would like to change?

Perhaps feel better about yourself, stop smoking, find the confidence to believe in yourself or start something new?
Are you seeking the motivation and energy to achieve your goals or perhaps enhance your Professional performance in some way?

Do you have a fear or phobia which is interfering with your daily life?  Or, do you need help to generally cope better and have a good nights sleep?

Living with significant mental health issues such as Anxiety, Depression, PTSD and many others can be extremely draining and overwhelming.  However, there is hope and however hard it may seem right now, things can become easier and life can get better.

Whether it be worries surrounding your work or personal life, difficulty coping, a feeling that something is off balance or just a desire to feel happier, hypnotherapy can help you to get yourself back on track, make the very best of life and to hopefully…

become the best version of you!

Is it time for a brighter life?

We all have a wide range of resources within, which help us to cope, feel healthy, make sensible decisions, reach our goals and most importantly be happy and enjoy our lives. When stress levels increase, which can happen quickly or over time, these resources become harder to reach and negativity can take over. Hypnotherapy helps you to tap into these positive resources to bring out the very best in you.

Find solutions & see life more clearly

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a modern, forward thinking, positive and enjoyable form of therapy.   Working together, we will help you to identify solutions unique to you and give you the confidence to make vital changes for your benefit, through the use of psychotherapy (talking therapy) and hypnotherapy (trance).

I only use Hypnotherapy for therapeutic purposes.   Contrary to what we see on television, although trance has magical properties, it is not magic and I can’t make you do anything that you do not want to!

Feel calm, relaxed and focused

Have you ever completely lost track of time reading or watching TV? Or driven to your destination yet can’t remember the journey? Trance is incredibly powerful, yet actually very ordinary and happens many times a day!  It is generally a pleasant and relaxing state in which we have access to the subconscious mind. This is of huge benefit helping us in many ways.

Life is beautiful & can bring good things to you

Hypnotherapy can help to you to feel better, more fulfilled, calm, content, confident and happy.  It is impossible to list all the many ways in which it can help, so if you have an issue which is not listed, then please do get in touch as there is a good chance I will be able to help you, or at least point you in the right direction.

Discounted Initial consultation and a free relaxation CD

If you are truly ready for a change and have both the determination and commitment to take that step, then Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is both enjoyable and effective and I very much look forward to hearing from you.

With warmest wishes
Emma Woodward